Crystal Blue Curtains

clear vinyl patio enclosures

Crystal Blue Curtains allow the warmth of the sun to fully penetrate the interior space while creating a transparent barrier against the rain and the harsh elements.

clear vinyl patio enclosures

Transparent Curtains

Transparent Clear Curtains let the sunlight in during the winter months, and stops the cold wind and rain from entering your area.

clear plastic curtains

Clear Curtains

Want to privilege your customers within your outdoor dining during in cold and rainy climate? Heavy Clear Curtains are an investment that pay for themselves in just a week or two.

transparent outdoor curtain panels

Transparent Outdoor Panels

Keep customers warm by using a space heater and create a cozy environment during the winter.

outdoor curtains for patio

Outdoor Crystal Curtains

Maximise use of your outdoor area by enclosing the sides with Transparent Outdoor Curtains from Kaprix.

outdoor curtains

Outdoor Curtains

Protect your balcony from the wind and rain, springtime pollen, and fall and winter chill.

clear vinyl curtains

Clear Enclosures

The Clear Vinyl Curtains by Kaprix offer an outdoor environment within an indoor climate.