Garden Shade Sails

garden shade sails

Shade Sails are highly durable, temporary or permanent and form an effective way to enjoy the outdoors safe from both heat and ultraviolet radiation. Perfect for a summer barbecue or providing a shaded area for the back yard shade sails are usually either triangular or quadrilateral in shape so depending on which design is decided upon, there will be three or four points needed for fixture.

garden shade sails

Shade Sails

Protect your family and your furnitures from the sun radiation. Our premium shade fabric offers natural UV protection and comfort. Kaprix Shade Sails are handmade ensuring the highest possible quality and service.

shade covers

Sun Shades

Sun Shades can be made using a variety of shapes, colors, and materials. Those Shade Structures can be also used as decorative centerpieces. Creating additional comforte during the hot Lebanese Summer.

triangle shade sail

Triangle Shade Sails

Shade Sails can be fixed to a house facade, between walls, with the proper material. Shade Sails provide excellent protection from the harmful UV radiation of the sun at a modest cost compared to a permanent structure.

outdoor shade structures

Outdoor Shade Structures

Perfect for your restaurants, playgrounds, schools or any kind of outdoor spaces. These shade canopies protect your guests and their children's health by avoiding the overexposure to the sun's rays, and by providing areas of cool shade.

sail canopy

Sail Awning

With a cover factor of up to 90%, our Sail Awning is a stylish and reliable solution for your outdoor area. Kaprix proposes large scale of fabrics that keeps your playground cooler and hence perfectly usable during the summer.

garden sun shades

Garden Sun Shades

Convert your space into a stylish and durable relaxation zone through Kaprix Shade Sail Solutions. Make your patio the perfect place to enjoy your outdoor area even under our extreme Lebanese Weather conditions.