Roller Blinds

solar shades

Modern architecture designs leverages glass facades and large windows. In order to have protection against the sun radiation and privacy, Kaprix provides Roller Blinds to make the most out of the sunlight for every situation.

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Sun Screens

Sunscreen Roller Blinds combines luxury and efficiency allowing enough amount of sunlight into a room wile preserving the best panoramic view outside. The Roller Blinds filter the glare of harsh sunlight and damaging UV rays.

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Living Room Blinds

Choosing the most personalized window covering for the Living Room room is essential. People search for beauty and coolness in this living space and this can be reached on through quality window blinds.

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Motorized Roller Blinds

Forget about the operating cords. Leverage motorized blinds and shades, and control the light and protect your privacy just by pressing a button. Offer simplicity, beauty and a new level of sophistication to your modern place.

bamboo window shades

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds is composed of small strips of bamboo woven together to provide lightweight and flexible shading solution. Bamboo Blinds are very efficient in protecting interiors against heat and sunlight.

vertical blinds

Roller Blinds

Regulate solar heat and ultraviolet radiations through external roller blinds. Mounted directly in front of windows. Lower the Roller Blind when the sun's heat become too intense, and move it away when the sun disappears.

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Roller SunScreens

Sunscreen Roller Blind is an efficient solution to control heat and light in your home whilst maintaining your view. Kaprix also provides block-out fabrics allowing you to maintain your view during the day and ensure privacy during the night.