The Garden Pergola

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The traditional mediterranean style Pergola is usually made from wood. These Wooden Pergolas can be positioned attractively in the garden and allows protection from the harsh rays of the sun. With natural beauty and aesthetics, Kaprix Pergolas are a great choice for anyone in any climate. Pergolas come in all shapes and sizes and they make a great addition to any yard. Adding a pergola to your place is an architectural investment that will increase the value of your property.

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Custom Made Pergolas

Kaprix Pergolas are created to meet the requirement of every distinguished project. Kaprix can accommodate a large variety of custom sizes. These photographs show just a few examples of what is available.

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Terrace Pergola

When it comes to maximizing the use of your outdoor space, nothing is better than a pergola. A pergola can transform your yard into a shady oasis and it can act as a decorative centerpiece.

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Grand Villa Entrance

Pergolas, placed at the entry of your villa, can create a structural accent to the front door. Kaprix custom made Pergolas can transform your entrance into an eye catching phenomenon for you family, friends and neighbors.

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Wooden Pergola

A Wooden Pergola can provide shade and shelter outdoors. Pergolas are a great addition to outdoor decor and can create an enjoyable seating area to your terrace. Wooden Pergolas can encompass visual interest to your neighbors.

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Metal Pergola

Metal Pergola Designs are smoothly crafted to give simple, clean lines that fit comfortably into any contemporary space. Modern Metal Pergolas are often considered as more affordable solution compared to the wood structures.

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Covered Pergola

Create a privileged space through Pergolas. Side-covered using awnings or vertical rollers, Pergolas can provide a certain level of privacy. They have a unique beauty that surpasses most of the standard shading solutions.