Different types of awnings available in the market

Awnings in Lebanon

Awnings for homes

Because of the many great features outdoor awnings offer your home, they have now become a widely used accessory for both homes and businesses. The main advantage they have is their ability to reduce the glare and the rays of the sun. They are also great when it comes to protecting the furniture you have outdoors from damage but harsh weather conditions and the harmful UV rays. In the market today, there are several types of awnings. This is great for both home and business owners because it means that you now have a wide variety to choose from. The selection of the right awing for your home has also become a bit confusing.


Just as you may have gathered from the name, these are awnings for homes that are attached to the building permanently. Their biggest advantage is the fact that they are very easy to customize. This makes them the ideal awnings for the windows. They are a great fit for whatever the shape and size of windows you have in your home. they are also great when used for entryways and balconies.


Although they are usually attached to the main building, they are a bit more flexible than stationary awnings. You can be able to close and open them as you please. Opening and closing the fixtures allows you to control the amount of shade or light that gets into your rooms. There are automatic awnings and ones that are more manual.

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Motorized/automatic awnings for patios

In the recent past, these have become the most popular type of awnings because they go well with all types of windows. They are also very easy to use. Like their names suggest, automatic awnings are operated electrically and can also be controlled remotely. Depending on the designs, you can get one that is controlled by sensors. The sensors are built to sense the wind and the sun, which allows them to retract or extend automatically, depending on what is necessary at the time.

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These are also great for the outdoor space and the windows. They are the most ideal awnings for the decks, balconies, restaurants and patios. They are also a great idea when you are looking to extend your living space and yet still be able to maintain the comfort levels of your home. they protect both you and your furniture from extreme heat from the sun and other harsh weather conditions.

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