Awning Companies in Lebanon

Abri de terrase au Liban

How the Weather Infleunced the Developement of Awning Companies in Lebanon

An awning, sometimes referred to as an overhang is an additional cover attached to the outer walls of buildings. In most cases, awnings are made up of materials such as canvas, polyester, cotton or vinyl fabric. These materials are tightly stretched over light steel, iron or aluminum structure that protect people from sunburns during summers, but enable as much light to pass through during winter. Awnings are normally placed along the sidewalk, above doors or windows of a building. Lebanon enjoys a sunny and dry weather, and this factor led to the development of awning companies in Lebanon. In Lebanon, awnings are found in business and residential buildings, and they are meant to protect people from the sun, rain and strong winds.

Awning companies in Lebanon often install canvas awnings for their customers. The awnings found in Lebanon vary in terms of color and style. Some of the common awning options available in Lebanon include traditional, open, closed, semi-circular, waterfall, and quarter-barrel awning styles. As noted earlier, the sunny and dry weather in Lebanon is one of the key factors that led to the emergence and development of awning companies in Lebanon. Consequently, most awnings installed in Lebanon are fitted with weather protection mechanism that prevents the destruction of the canvas by dry air, sun, moisture and dust. This is achieved by coating awnings with a special protective coat made of acrylic capable of protecting the canvas from adverse weather conditions.

Pergola and Sunscreen in Lebnanon

Some awning companies in Lebanon install metal awnings instead of canvas awnings, but canvas awnings are preferred because they are cheaper to install due to their affordability. However, awning companies in Lebanon often advise people living in areas that experience, adverse weather conditions to install metal awnings. The cost of installing metal awnings is not much higher than installing canvas awnings, but one shortcoming of a metallic awnings is that it allows little customization.

Some awnings are retractable, meaning that they can be folded or rolled up, manually or automatically using sensors. Awning companies in Lebanon developed retractable awnings to cater for the needs of people living in regions that experience, adverse weather conditions because retractable awnings extend the lifespan of awnings. The cost of installing awnings largely depends on the size, for example, an individual aiming at covering a sidewalk will spend more compared to someone covering a window.

Nevertheless, the evidence indicates that awnings can assist in reducing the energy cost, by protecting openings in homes and businesses from the damages caused by the elements of weather, especially the sun. Apart from lowering energy costs, businesses derive other benefits from installing awnings in their premises. Adding awnings to commercial buildings can act as an effective marketing tool that attracts potential customers. In countries like Lebanon, awnings will draw customers to a business because it protects them from the heat of the sun and rain.

Lebanon can experience a mean annual temperature that is above 38 degrees Celsius, and awning companies emerged and developed to allow homeowners and businesses to engage in outdoor activities by protecting them from extreme weather.

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